“It’ll never work,” they said. But it did.

When was it? Circa 1998-9-ish? At the time I was on a long-term freelance copywriting stint at the direct marketing agency where my former art director (i.e. someone that directs the art, not a ‘director’ as such) was now creative director. In those days I freelanced ‘in house’ i.e. on the premises of local advertising and direct marketing agencies. But I was tiring of it. I wanted to set up on my own working direct with businesses on a one-to-one basis. So I announced that I’d hired a website designer to create a website for me. I was calling it Creative Copy. My colleagues laughed. “You have to be kidding! Making a living as a freelance copywriter on the internet? It’ll never work!” But it did. And well over a decade later, Creative Copy Copywriting Services is still here.

Obviously over the years Creative Copy has changed beyond recognition – and it’s just undergone its latest transformation. It was getting too complex, so I’ve simplified it. I have other plans for it, too, for example to move to a different html platform.

But my creative department colleagues were wrong. Creative Copy worked so well that, within a short while, I was able to stop working ‘in-house’, create my own cosy home office and work from  home. And I haven’t looked back.

Of course these days there are hundreds of freelance copywriters working on the internet.  Some – like me – have come from a solid, copywriting-boot-camp-style advertising or direct marketing agency background. Other freelance copywriters have come via copywriting training courses, at colleges or online. Some freelance copywriters have no formal training or experience at all.

However Creative Copy Copywriting Services is one of the originals, and I like to think it is one of the best.

But I would, wouldn’t I?

Find Creative Copy Copywriting Services here.


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