Not all copywriters are the same, so beware!

Yet again I’m having to rewrite something produced by another ‘copywriter’ – a sales letter which is truly appalling and I’m not surprised that it failed to achieve a single sale. So the poor client is having to pay twice: for the first copywriter and now for me. Continue reading “Not all copywriters are the same, so beware!”


“It’ll never work,” they said. But it did.

When was it? Circa 1998-9-ish? At the time I was on a long-term freelance copywriting stint at the direct marketing agency where my former art director (i.e. someone that directs the art, not a ‘director’ as such) was now creative director. In those days I freelanced ‘in house’ i.e. on the premises of local advertising and direct marketing agencies. But I was tiring of it. I wanted to set up on my own working direct with businesses on a one-to-one basis. So I announced that I’d hired a website designer to create a website for me. I was calling it Creative Copy. My colleagues laughed. “You have to be kidding! Making a living as a freelance copywriter on the internet? It’ll never work!” But it did. And well over a decade later, Creative Copy Copywriting Services is still here. Continue reading ““It’ll never work,” they said. But it did.”