Something that not all copywriters might care to admit

For more years than I care to remember, my website sat on Page #1 of Google for all the popular search terms: “copywriter”, “copywriters”, “copywriting services”, etc. And it generated a lot of business for me. I didn’t have to advertise my copywriting services at all. As a result I was able to keep my rates down. (Which I still do, by the way.)

Then, virtually overnight, back in the late spring of 2013 – PING! – it disappeared, catapulted to page #8 or #9, while my competitor copywriters zoomed up to take my place.

The reason seems to be a radical turnaround in the way Google ranks a website. It’s all a bit scientific, and I imagine that even these confounded spam emails we get all the time guaranteeing to get our website to page #1 of Google, couldn’t fathom out half of it, but – by trial and error, experimenting, a lot of research and html tweaking – I am working on getting my copywriting website back onto page #1.

Yet, bizarrely, it is still on page #1 for “copywriting services”, “copywriter Leeds”, and similar search terms.

And, also bizarrely, Creative Copy still ranks highly on other search engines.

Also, my other copywriting website which specialises in sales letters hasn’t shifted from its position on page #1 of Google for the term “sales letters”.

Now, I could pay a small fortune to a search engine optimisation company to get my copywriting website back onto page #1 of Google for the search terms “copywriter” and “copywriters”. But then I’d have to crank up my rates by such a massive amount I would be uncompetitive.

And who’s to say they’d succeed? I have clients that have paid a king’s ransome to search engine optimisation companies with zero results. Sometimes they’re hired two SEO companies, also with zero results.

I have always been proud of the fact that, for many of the websites I’ve written and created, I have managed to get them onto page #1 of Google for their primary search terms. And most of them are still there.

So I’m planning to spend much of next week delving around and tweaking things to push Creative Copy back up the Google rankings to where it should be: on page #1 for the search terms “copywriter” and “copywriters”.

Having a website slip down the Google rankings isn’t something that I imagine most copywriters would care to admit in public. We all claim that we are brilliant at SEO copywriting. And, to be truthful, we are. Or at least we were before Google messed around with the way it ranks websites, all thanks – apparently – to some curiously named updates: Google Penguin and Google Panda.

So next week I am going to put my zookeeper’s hat on and get those darn creatures under control and on my side.

But, if I manage to do it – and I intend to do it – I will be keeping my methods to myself!


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