Busy, but back to tell you all about it!

For the past year or so I’ve been writing lots of other stuff in addition to the usual copywriting, advertising, marketing, etc. And over the past 5 or 6 months I’ve been busy putting together my second full-length book. It was published 3 days ago and has already attracted over 100 sales, via Amazon and Kindle. Meanwhile, I’m drawing on all my PR and marketing skills to promote it to the people that need to read it. That’s the bonus of being a copywriter with bags of experience in advertising, marketing and PR. You know how to reach the right people – and get results.

My first full length book describes my own three-year experience as a mother battling to help her child overcome a serious illness – an illness that has a high mortality rate. I took time out from my freelance copywriting to care for my son. Obviously his health was more important than my career. But I am now thrilled to say he is fully recovered and about to leave for university.

In the book I’ve just published, I talk to 20 families who have been battling with similar issues – in order to help other families draw on the strategies that worked for them, and to empower others to demand the best possible treatment for their child in a world where this particular illness is widely misunderstood, even by the ‘expert’ health professionals themselves. An illness which is all too often treated using outdated therapies and where parents are still blamed for causing their child’s illness.

I am talking about anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder that has the highest mortality rate of any mental health condition.

And this is what it is: a mental health condition. People do not ‘choose’ to get an eating disorder, nor is it caused by ‘bad parenting’, size zero fashion models or whatever. It is a biological illness in the same way that Autism or Schizophrenia are ‘proper’ illnesses which aren’t ’caused’ by anything other than the brain being wired up slightly differently.

In addition to my job as a freelance copywriter, I have made it my mission to do my bit to change out-dated perceptions, advocate for excellent evidence-based treatment for all young people suffering from anorexia or other eating disorders and to help other families facing this devastating illness that no-one expects to take up residence in their household.

I blog about the topic and I write about the topic. And, in November, I am speaking about the topic at the Institute of Psychiatry – and I am appearing on the BBC shortly to talk more.

Here are links to my books:



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