Copywriters need to know their stuff

It’s not the first time it’s happened: being presented with another copywriter’s attempt at some copywriting which was… how shall I put it? … er… not great… And being asked to re-write it into something that makes sense. Continue reading “Copywriters need to know their stuff”


Why copywriters, etc need to get their facts right

As copywriters, I know it’s not always our fault when a client gets his or her facts wrong and we obediently reproduce these on a website, brochure, sales letter or whatever. But it is up to the copywriter to double and treble-check with the client that – as far as we, the copywriters, are aware – what we are writing about is accurate. And this doesn’t just apply to the copywriter, it applies to the client’s account team and / or PR agency and website designers. Continue reading “Why copywriters, etc need to get their facts right”