The hardest (and longest) thing I’ve ever written

As a copywriter with over 20 years’ experience I’m used to writing short sales letters, brochures, websites, press releases and so on and so forth. But, the other year, someone suggested I write a 250-page book. So I did – and I’m now onto my second book, with plans for a third.

The first book (which is the story of a serious illness which hit our family four years ago) took me well over a year to write. The problem (if you can call it a ‘problem’) was that I felt compelled to apply exactly the same level of meticulous attention to detail as I apply to my copywriting. Every word and phrase had to count and it was vital that I kept the reader engaged. So I edited, edited and edited again. Sentence by sentence.

My book is now getting 5 star reviews on Amazon and has received excellent reviews from leading charity CEOs. “A real page-turner” is the latest review.

For my second project, I drew on my experience of interviewing clients for case studies and have just completed another 250-page book in which I talk to 20 families who have battled with – and survived – the same illness. I am thrilled that I’ve managed to get the #1 UK healthcare professional in our field to write the Foreword.

Unlike my copywriting, I make no money from these books or from the blog I also write (not this blog, my ‘other’ blog). I do it because I feel strongly about raising awareness of this particular illness.

So, as a copywriter, I don’t just write copy, I write books too!

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